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Numinous Waters

Numinous Waters is a visual tone poem shot in Southeast Alaska, part of a larger body of work entitled, "Deep Presence, Meditations on a Wild Coast", 2005, SD.  The human voice in a choral piece by Tchaikovsky and the magical realism of slow motion combine to offer a moving sense of change.


Abundantly Wild

I began fishing for salmon in 1974 as a young buck from Colorado, age 23.  I loved almost everything about it:  the adventure, the wilderness, the camaraderie, and the wild abundance of Alaskan Salmon.  The very good news is that Alaskan salmon runs are still wildly abundant.  The State of Alaska has done a stand-up job of managing the fishery.  There are on-going threats to this resource:  huge mines just over the border in B.C.;  ocean acidification from the carbon going up into our air.  But for now, there is great vitality in our legacy with Totem Salmon.


Intertwined:  People, Salmon & Place

Featured at the Puget Sound Georgia Basis Ecosystem Conference Film Festival in 2009, "Intertwined" identifies the importance of salmon to the identity and natural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. The story traces the legacy of salmon in the region, and outlines the threats and restoration efforts currently underway. The film concludes with a rallying cry for "caring and respect— hope and creativity— stubborn determination". (SD) 2009


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