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America, You're Breaking Our Hearts

Added on by Dan Kowalski.

United States of America, beloved country— you build out a massive surveillance system, able to monitor every move we make and every word we electronically speak or write .  This— for our own "safety and protection" and yet we can't, as a country, rein in our millions of guns.   A psychotic break +  guns in the cabinet = unimaginable tragedy.  (To be clear, I have no issues with hunting rifles.  Plenty of issues with automatic weapons.)

With hearts broken open can we gather and talk?  Can we become healthier individuals and families?  Can we come together to build strong and cohesive communities?  Can we make our collective voices heard for a sane, resilient and prosperous nation?  Can we not trash our one and only home?

Yes.  With hearts broken open, let us try.  

Further in:  "Healing the Heart of Democracy" by Parker Palmer.  Articulate, sensible, wise.